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Our Services

Beyond Restored Inc., sole purpose is to initially understand individuals dealing with cancers, their fight, and sense of loss. Founder, Sabrina Cromartie has a sincere passion and was led to reach out and assist patients, survivors, and communities with basic needs. This organization will render assistance to victims and survivors of breast cancer/cancer which includes but not limited to:

  • Educational Awareness Seminars

  • Meal Vouchers

  • Medical Equipment/Supplies

  • Medical Undergarments

  • Clothing Garments

  • Clothing

  • Utilities & Bills


Educational Awareness

We offer educational workshops webinars, and also provide motivational inspiration sessions. (Via Zoom)


Public Transportation

Beyond Restored Inc., will provide a transportation voucher to assist our clients to and from chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Serving only  Miami-Dade-County, Broward County, and Monroe County.


Medical Equipment / Undergarments

Beyond Restored Inc., will provide medical equipment for our clients and survivors: Soft Leisure Bras, Wireless Mastectomy Bras, Lymphedema Compression Sleeves, Compression Gloves, Garments, and Walking Canes.


Utility Bill Payment Assistance

 Beyond Restored Inc., will assist with utility bills, i.e. electric bills, water bills, etc. 


 Meal Vouchers

The diagnosis of cancer can cause a dent in any family's financial situation. Beyond Restored, Inc. offers to purchase food/meals for a clients' families. 



Beyond Restored Inc., will provide clothing vouchers for our clients and their children who are financially struggling with day to day responsibilities of life. 

Testimonials of Our Clients

Fresh Buds

Natacha Abreu-Blanco

Beyond Restored, Inc. to me is life saver. As a breast cancer survivor I was in grave need of mastectomy bras. My social worker, Ms. Barbara Nunez recommended a non-profit organization, Beyond Restored, Inc. After being diagnosed with breast cancer is overwhelming itself, so having someone who cares working with you is a blessing. 


Barbara called this organization and the caring spirit of Ms. Sabrina Cromartie was amazing. We explained our need and no more than forty-two hours my bras were approved and payment was made and I was once again blessed. Thank you Beyond Restored, Inc. for caring. 

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